Website terms and conditions

1.     General
This Website is owned and operated by One 2 Nine Recovery and is made available on the following terms and conditions. By using the Website you accept these terms and conditions, which shall be interpreted according to the laws of England.

2.     Data Protection
One 2 Nine Recovery use of personal information supplied by you when you use this Website is governed by our privacy policy. (Available on written request)

3.       Licence

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4.     Changes to the Website
One 2 Nine Recovery may at any time make alterations to or to withdraw this Website or any part of it.

5.       Limitation of Liability

1.     One 2 Nine Recovery excludes all warranties, express or implied relating to this Website. This includes, but is not limited to, any implied warranty that the information it contains is accurate or up-to-date or is suitable for any particular purpose. One 2 Nine Recovery shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered as the result of the use of this Website.

2.     Assistance given by means of any Help Desk facility shall be solely at your risk.

Transport Terms & Conditions

1.       Definitions 

1.     ‘Conditions’ means the Terms and Conditions under which the Company provides services 

2.     ‘Company’ means One 2 Nine Recovery, 1, Winckley Close, Harrow, HA3 9QW

3.     ‘Service Company’ or 'Service provider', or 'Operator' means the company or who we contact on your behalf to undertake the hire contract

4.     ‘Client’ means the organisation, individual or agent who contracts the services (i.e. You).

5.     ‘Price’ means an agreed cost of a attempted delivery for a vehicle to/from a Client 

6.     ‘Contract’ means the agreement between the Company and the Client.

7.     ‘Website’ means

2.       Contract 

1.     These conditions apply whether a contract has been made verbally or in writing. 

2.     If the client is a company, group, or partnership, an individual must be named as a responsible person. 

3.     The client is responsible for any additional costs incurred in performing the contract, whether or not they actually travel with the party. 

4.     The company will only accept instructions from the client. If the client is not going to travel with the party, a representative must be chosen and the company informed prior to the job taking place.

3.       Responsibility of The Company 

1.     The Company acts only as a booking agent and therefore has no liability for any loss, personal injury or death however incurred. 

2.     When you book arrangements or services through the Company, your contract will be with the supplier or arranger of those arrangements or services and not with us, and will be subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant provider of the arrangements or services. Copies of these conditions may be requested in writing, but up to 28 days must be allowed for delivery). 

3.     Any damage to property delivered must be reported immediately to the operator making the delivery. Once the operator has left the client's premises we cannot be held responsible for any damage or defects to the client's property.

4.       Payments 

1.     Unless stated otherwise a deposit of 25% of the total cost is requested when booking online if this contract is cancelled for any reason by the client the deposit forfeited to cover company's costs. 

2.     Unless stated otherwise the Company requires the outstanding balance on the date of job prior to vehicle being unloaded, A booking Confirmation will be forwarded, along with details of the Service company(s) undertaking the job contract 

3.     If for any reason, unless otherwise agreed, the balance of the cost is not received in accordance with the Booking Agreement, the vehicle will be compounded until payment has been made and the deposit forfeited to cover our extra costs

5.       Cancellation by you: 

1.     Users are likely to have to pay a cancellation fee in addition to the non-refundable deposit when cancelling a booking. 

2.     Cancellation fees may vary from offer to offer so it is the user’s responsibility to enquire about cancellation conditions as apply to their specific bookings. 

3.     Cancellation fees are required to offset booking, communication and administration charges that will have already been incurred by The Company. 

4.     In addition to the Company cancellation fee, users may also be required to pay cancellation fees imposed by the Company’s Suppliers (ie. ferry operators, etc.) The amount of each Supplier's cancellation fee is beyond the Company’s control. 

5.     Agreement to pay cancellation/ amendment fees is accepted as a condition booking with the Company. The Company will make every effort to minimise cancellation/ amendment fees for users. 

6.       Limit of Liability 

1.     The Company operates a booking service. 

2.     The Company is not responsible for the individual contractor. The Company is not liable for any loss or damage caused by the failure of the service company, owner or operator to perform the contract. 

7.       Complaints 

1.     Any problems or complaints should be discussed immediately with the service supplier. If unresolved the complaint must be made in writing to One 2 Nine Recovery within 14 days. 

8.       Provisional Booking or Enquiry 

1.     All bookings are deemed to be provisional until part payment has been received and accepted by the Service Company 

2.     An acknowledgement of receipt/confirmation with details of arrangements will be sent to you by return.

3.     The Company does not verify the details supplied by Service Companies and is not responsible for the accuracy of information given. 

These conditions of service shall be governed by and subject to English Law.